John Edington

John Edington

Motivational Speaker & Author


Award winning motivational speaker and presenter John speaks with authority, clarity and humour.

He is the author of two books

‘Great Leaders Never Climb Smooth Mountains: How To Avoid The 17 1/2 Routes To Ineffective Leadership.’


‘Everything You Ever Needed To Learn About Leadership You Can Learn From A Pineapple.



He has a gifted ability to translate leading achievement psychological research into effortless, coherent, compelling and exciting knowledge that is instantly actionable.

His knowledge is not purely academic.

He has owned and run several highly successful businesses, taking one of his businesses to a 6458% increase in turnover.

John has worked extensively across the UK, Europe and Australia which has made him one of the leading speakers and most powerful professional mentor to heads of businesses, Olympic athletes and leading professionals.

Last year John conducted more than 125 seminars and speeches across a wide spectrum of both business and countries.

When he is not working, John lives with his wife in the Yorkshire Dales where his passion for his hobbies of walking and escaping to the Northumberland coast in his motor home are more than catered for.