Jodie McGregor

Jodie McGregor

Fitness & Lifestyle Trainer

Fitness and Lifestyle Trainer

After competing successfully as a professional horse rider, I decided I wanted to move into the fitness industry to carry on my role as a trainer but within a different environment. I studied sports science and then went on to qualify as a personal trainer and since then, also a yoga instructor.

Whilst working with my clients I have found that the majority were wanting to achieve the same goals: fat loss, improved fitness, a positive change to their eating habits and being able to do it all whilst continuing with their busy life. So, I set about developing ‘Jodie’s Fit Formula’.

Jodie’s fit formula is all about nourishing your body, and using exercise and healthy eating to do that along with a health attitude to create a fully sound sense of wellbeing. I work with clients on a one to one basis and also in small groups, but also provide inspiration on social media and on my website to help other make positive changes to their life.

I developed my website to provide clients with an area to go for workout inspiration and also some healthy recipes. I then went on to put a collection of recipes that I developed into a recipe book and created a workout book to go with it.